2016 was the last chance to apply to the Gates Millennium Scholars Program!

Congrats, 2016 GMSP applicants! You’ve submitted those applications (eight long, grueling essays included) and scrambled to get those recommender and nominator forms in on time! Now that you’re on the other side, it’s time for some news:


Word on the street (aka, the internet) is: 2016 is the final year of the Gates Millennium Scholars Program. Fear not! GMSP award winners from the 2016 cohort will still receive ALL 10 YEARS of funding.

According to reports, the “Gates Millennium Scholars Program” will be replaced by the “Gates Scholarship.” The new Gates Scholarship will start accepting applications in 2018.  Sorry, high school graduating class of 2017! 😦

So far, the following details have been announced: The Gates Scholarship will

  • Support students through their undergraduate studies (translation: there will be no support for MS and PhD degrees)
  • Support a total of 3,000 students (translation: only 3,000 students will be awarded the Gates Scholarship and there is no indication of how many students per year will be awarded the Gates Scholarship)
  • Last 10 years (translation: the program could potentially accept applications for 10 cohorts)
  • Be administered by the Hispanic Scholarship Fund but will NOT be limited to Hispanic students (translation: no details have been released about who will qualify)


This story is still developing and I’ll update with new information as it becomes available...


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~Ngoc Nhi Le